My Sewing Room!

I have been wanting to show you all this room for such a long time, especially because I did finish it more than a year a ago, but I guess that goes to show that this last year was a pretty eventful one. But as we a approaching Christmas and I’m enjoying a very nice a lazy Sunday at home, I thought I might just finally get to blog about my favorite room!

I moved into my darling boyfriends apartment a little over 2 year ago, a real bachelor pad, or well, it was more like a place for him to eat and  sleep, there was really not much here at all except for the furniture from is student apartment. However it did of course not take me that a long time start changing all of that and it has been slowly changing ever since, I guess you could say that the whole apartment has become a little bit of a  woman’s touch. But there’s one room that has become very special to me, a place I spend a lot of time in and which I like to call my own; My Sewing Room.

My Room Make Over 17

A little piece of heaven, but this room didn’t always look like this!

My Room Make Over 10

This is what my sewing room looked like when I moved in here. Back then it was pretty much just a utility room and the home of our closets.

My Room Make Over 11

It did of course not take me that much time to claim this room and move in all my “stuff” that my darling boyfriend didn’t want to have in the living room! And this is also where my Blog and all my projects has come to life.

My Room Make Over 12

But it didn’t seem to matter how much of my stuff that I brought into this room, it just still always looked like a utility room, but a little dream started forming in the back of my head.

My Room Make Over 13

A dream that finally started to come to life in June last year! The problem was just that since this room was pretty much just used for housing our closets and my stuff, my darling boyfriend didn’t see the reason for redecorating it all, so I had a very strickt budget to follow and I would have to do it all myself.

Step one: Moving everything out and getting to work!

My Room Make Over 14

Step two: Painting every surface and an old closet white.

And after a couple of days and several liters of white paint, this is what the room looked like! A beautiful white canvas just waiting for the finishing touches! If you are wondering what type of white color I used, I actually simply used an unblended and straight out of the can white.

My Room Make Over 17

My Sewing Room! My Favorite place and the home to many creative projects!

I had so many different ideas for which colors I wanted this room to be, but I also wanted it to be a place where small changes would go a long way. So the first things I picked out for this room was the curtains and they are from IKEA’s fabrics and are called SOFIA. I used the same fabric as I upholstered the old office chair, which I actually talked about in my very first blog post It’s all in the details!.

My Room Make Over 5

The room that was dark and life less before, is now a fun and creative space and the home to some of the things that I love the most, but it’s also the home to our clothing dryer and our wide assortment of suitcases. To make a room even more practical, we added another IKEA Dombås closet and black large IKEA Kassett storage boxes.

My Room Make Over 2

There did of course have to be a little bit of pink together with things and pictures that I love.

My Room Make Over 3

One of the things I love the most about this room, that I get to surround myself with all the things I love and these two magnetic boards house some of my most treasured memories, as well as things that I things that simply makes me smile!

My Room Make Over 1

It’s almost Christmas and we all run around buying expensive gifts for our family and friends, but I must say, one of my all time favorite Christmas gifts was given to me by my little sister many many year ago, and it was this little painting. Sometimes it’s really the little things that means the most. I love this little painting and I it wouldn’t really be my room without it.

My Room Make Over 9


I must thank a very good friend of mine for this wonderful wine box, these are so hard to find, but she got me several, and makes for such cute storage. I love the way these rustic wine boxes look and how they bing warmth and a cosy feeling to a room.

My Room Make Over 6

I also finally got a full length mirror in my room, a IKEA Hemnes mirror, which was a real treat after only having had our small bathroom mirror for the longest time. I also wanted a shoe rack in my room, but couldn’t find a black one that I liked, so I ended up buy this little IKEA Ekby Hemnes self and mounting it at a height that makes it look just like a shoe rack.

My Room Make Over 7

I also added a IKEA Billy bookshelf to the room, but placed it so that when the door is open (which it is most of the time) you can’t see it. This way it doesn’t really matter if my books are organized or not, or generally what I place in the book shelf. The book self also works like a little secret hiding place, housing all the things you don’t necessarily need to have right where everyone can seen them.

My Room Make Over 8

We did of course keep our IKEA Dombås closets, they are just really practical for the space and really affordable.

Before and After

Before and After

I am so happy with the result and love spending time in my newly renovated room! Was I of course able to stay within my strict budget because of my love for IKEA and the fact that they had all the things I wanted and needed, and because I was able to do all the handy work myself. If you know how use a painting brush and how to handle a sewing machine, a projects like this is nothing but fun! And of course, I painted all my walls white, because then I can change things out and redo it all over again when I feel like it!:)

I wish you all the most wonderful Holidays!

– Christine

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4 Responses to My Sewing Room!

  1. Cathrine says:

    Looks so much better!!! Good work:)

  2. Susan says:

    I love the chair, it is darling! The entire room looks great and very functional, way to go. XO Susan

    • misscrk says:

      Thank you Susan! This has been such a fun project and since it was my room I really got to do what ever I wanted, and nothing is better than that!:) I have done little other things here and there around our apartment too, which I will show later, but in those rooms I did have to include the opinion of my darling boyfriend, so those rooms has a lot less “stuff”!:)

      I wish you all the most wonderful Holidays!

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