It’s all in the details!

I’ve been spending the last two weeks redecorating my sewing room, well, it’s really more like a walk-in closet meets storage space, than an actual hobby/sewing room, however somewhere in the middle of everything else is where I let all my creative ideas come to life, and I just love it in here! The room itself is turning out really nice and my very happy about it (I will show more of the room and what I have been up to in another post), however there in the middle of the room was this one eyesore that was just ruining  everything else; the office chair!


I know this picture is not very good, however who wants to take a picture of such an ordinary and boring looking chair? Yes, that’s right, no one! So I really had to search to find an old picture of it, but it does give you and idea of what the chair used to look like; basically black plastic and dark blue suede fabric. Perfect for an office somewhere, but not for my sewing room!

And this is what the chair looks like after I gave it a make over!


I wanted something fun and something that would go with the black and white theme I have going in the rest of the room, but at the same time I wanted something that no one els had. So first I reupholstered the back of the chair with fabric I had left over from my curtains (“Sofia” black and white striped fabric from IKEA) and I added a black long zipper as a cool detail on the back. I though about using the same fabric for the seat, however that wouldn’t make the chair all that exciting, so I found this fake fur at IKEA and figured it would not only be great looking, but also very comfortable to sit on. And it is very comfortable!

But a black and white chair was just not fun enough, it was nice looking, but didn’t have the details that I wanted. So I added a few things:


First I added the little yellow bow and the heart, just to give it that girly feeling and to make sure my darling boyfriend would no longer have any interest in this chair!:) (so easy, just paint something pink or add a flower and I know it will be mine and mine alone 🙂 ) I always think it’s these little details that makes the biggest difference, they will truly make the chair a one of a kind and adding details in a popping color will make sure that everyone will notice them too.

After I added the bow, I found the combination of black, white and yellow so great that I kind of wanted more of the yellow and the search for something yellow started. The idea of making it a pillow came natural, just to make the chair more comfortable, but finding the right pillow is not always that easy!


But I found this pillow and it was on sale!! Who doesn’t like a good sale?! The pillow wasn’t perfect, but it was 5 Euros at DEPOT with the filler pillow inside! Great deal! So I took it home, took it apart and added some one the fabric I also used for the back for the chair, but this time I directing the stripes in the opposite direction.


All I did was to open up all the seams using this great little scissor (I like to use a small scissor instead of those other little sharp tools to open seams, just because this way I more control over the fabric and I get less little tears).


And then I took all the old parts and the addition black and white fabric, and I stitched it all back together. One really important thing to think about when sewing a store bought pillow back together is that the fabric is most likely not as square and perfectly cut as what you would think it would be. So make sure to iron the fabric out, measure and make your fabric pieces nice and square before starting to sew.


And here’s my new pillow! I added the striped fabric so that the pillow now looks a lot more square and boxy, which will make for a fun addition to my chair.


And here’s the finished chair standing in my sewing room, all nice and pretty and ready for new projects!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if you have any questions or need help on how to give your own chair a make over!

– Christine

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6 Responses to It’s all in the details!

  1. Gro Kristoffersen says:

    This is fun! I like your way to show how to “copy” your share. I look forward to next project

  2. Chris Thornton says:

    I have two boring office chairs in my Office – did you use a pattern to make the covers? I would have never considered combining black/white stripes with a yellow flowered print – but it looks great.

    • misscrk says:

      Hello Chris and Welcome to my blog and thank you!:)
      I didn’t use a pattern to make the chair cover, I actually just pinned two pieces of fabric (having added a long zipper to one of the pieces first) to the back of the chair (the front of the fabric facing the chair), then sewed the pieces with big stitches together by hand, then took it all off the chair and used my sewing machine to sew along the hand stitched stitches. It did take a pretty long time to make and I had kind of improvise to make it work. If you are interested in trying to make your “boring” office chairs look fun and new, just let me know and will give you a better and longer description of what I did! And the use of color that’s what makes our lives more fun, so sometimes we just have to be a little bold!:)

  3. Hi! I really like what you are doing with your sewing room. I’m working on fixing my tiny home office / craft area and totally understand how you feel, regular office furniture just doesn’t cut it. Maybe we should start a post chain for some of us to describe the rooms where we blog and create our projects from.

    • misscrk says:

      Hello High Heels & Running Shoes!
      Thank you so much for your comment about my sewing room! This room is really the room in our home where I spend most of my time and I just love it in there. I started redecorating it in June, and it’s somewhat of a work in process, but I can’t wait to share the rest of it! And I think your idea of starting a chain of post to describe our offices/craft rooms would be great! I actually think that would be really interesting, the way a person decorates just says so much about who they are! Let me know more about your idea and I would love to join you!
      And hello, I’m Christine!:)

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