The Christmas Calendar

Last year I was asked to make an Advent or Christmas Calendar to the son of a very good friend of min, a little challenge I of course couldn’t say no too. However coming up with an original idea and making it a true one of a kind is not always that easy, so my solution was; to go shopping!:)

I could walk around in fabric and craft stores for hours, they just always have something new or something to wake up my creative senses, and what better place is there for to find inspiration for a new project!? So with the Christmas calendar in mind I walked around, pick up some fabrics first and for there the idea just started rolling, and the calendar simply got bigger and bigger…

The Christmas Calendar 10

The calendar ended up being about 100 x 120 cm, and a little bit of a challenge, because the little boy who was getting this as a Christmas present last year, he lives in Norway! So I did my best to rap it and bring it with me home as my darling boyfriend and I celebrated the holidays in Norway with my family last year.

The Christmas Calendar 2

But long before I could wrap it up, I did of  course have to create my master piece, which I made using a patchwork technique. So first I cut out squares pieces of fabric, in white and green patterned fabric, that would serve as 24 squares representing the 24 days of Advent or simply as the count down to Christmas eve. Then I cut out longer and narrow pieces, in a red patterned fabric, that would end up as boarders between the 24 squares.

The Christmas Calendar 1

This is what it looked like as I started sewing all the pieces together. When all the pieces were attached and I had finished it all off with a nice wide frame in the red fabric, I also added padding and a big pieces of red fabric as the back pieces, so the end product looked much like a quilt.

The Christmas Calendar 4

To give every little square it‘s own distinctive look, I opted to buy all kinds of little Christmas and winter themed decorations and added them on to my finished quilt.

The Christmas Calendar 6

Each day also got it‘s own number, which I cut out in a felt fabric and sewed on by hand. To make having to search for the right number and present a little bit more fun each day, I did of course randomly place the 24 different numbers around on the 24 little squares.

The Christmas Calendar 9

Lastly I also added a little gold ring to each day, so that I, or in the future the parents, could tie on little gifts/surprises to each little square. The only day I made bigger was the 24th, where I added a big red Santa booth, so that one could on this day add on a somewhat bigger present.

The Christmas Calendar 8

The Christmas Calendar 5

The Christmas Calendar 7

The Christmas Calendar 11

And this is what it ended up looking like all finished and decorated with little presents!

My mom always made our Christmas calendars and I still have the first one she ever made me, it‘s the most darling thing. I might even most a picture of it later, because it‘s been though years of holding up all kinds of calendar presents and it‘s even survived the journey  to California by mail and then of course here to Germany in my suit case. And with those treasured memories in mind, I also made this calendar, hoping that this little boy and now his little brother, will both enjoy this calendar and the tradition of it for many years to come.

– Christine

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2 Responses to The Christmas Calendar

  1. Susan says:

    Hello from California….you are amazing!!! Just love the calendar, wow what a lot of work!!

  2. Gro says:

    My dear daughter! I know how much work thic calendar represent. I admire your piece. Continue!!!

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