The Bathroom Renovations Part 3: The New Bathroom

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about finishing a projects as when we finally added the last touches to our new bathroom. It has been such a long journey and we  have learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way, like;  if we ever find ourself standing in the middle of another Bathroom renovation, we will so absolutely make sure to be there at all times and take a good look at every step of the way. Little mistakes can be so time consuming to correct, if they can be corrected at all. But in the end we are so happy that it’s all done and result looks great:

The New Bathroom


The Floor plan of the bathroom has stayed the same, the only big change is that we now have a big vanity and a really big mirror instead of the free standing sink and the two wall cabinets we had in the Old Bathroom.


The vanity is the GODMORGON Sink cabinet in black-brown, with the 1 bowl ODENSVIK Sink from IKEA. The LED lite mirror is from Spiegel 21 and is custom made to fit perfectly into the space.


The vanity looks almost black in the pictures above, but in real life is has a a dark warm brown tone to it. I’m sure I would have gone with a white glossy vanity if I were to have chosen this all by myself, but I have to admit that my darling boyfriend was right, this color and finish makes for a great contrast to everything else in the room.


Yes, of course we have his and her side!:)

The towel rack is from LEOVIC and I chose these because I wanted our hand towels to be easily reachable, but also because I think they give the room a little big more of a sophisticated look than simply hanging the towels on hooks.  The little wooden tray is from DEPOT and the POOLSIDE hand towels are from Butlers.


My darling boyfriend has also made it possible for all the electrical cables from our toothbrushes and his electrical shaver to be hidden, which makes for a much easier bathroom to keep clean and not at least does it also look much nicer. And if you are asking ourself what happened to the speakers in that cardboard box that I talked about in The Bathroom Renovations Part 1: The old Bathroom, well, those has been hidden away in a suitibal place where no one has to see them, now you can simply just hear them!:)


The Soap and Lotion dispensers were a gift from my mom and I love them! They just fit so perfectly with everything else that I have chosen for this room.


We got a wall hung toilet!! And yes, that is a reason to be excited, because everyone who’s gone from a standard toilet to one of these, knows how much easier it is to clean a bathroom with one of these in it!


Of course I had to add a little bit of color to the room! Orchids are one of the few flowers that I’m able to keep alive in this apartment, so of course I had to add one of those. The little wooden box I added after I saw this great idea at a friends house. The box is simply filled with tampons, so that when you have guest and someone is in need for one of those, they are right there and they don’t need to go through our whole vanity to find one. And lastly I bought this amazing smelling candle from VOLUSPA at great little boutique called MOWE Interiør in Tønsberg while I was in Norway. I got the candle in the scent Laguna, which comes in this beautiful turquoise and gold patterned tin, and when it’s burning it just gives the bathroom this real spa feeling.


The new showers has been lowered and has become clear glass walls. I love the new shower, the clear glass opens up the room and makes it feel much larger. But to keep the clear glass walls looking nice at all times also means that you have to use a squeegee to clean the walls after every time you shower, especially here where we have so much lime in our water.



All the bathroom fixtures are from GROHE. I do like the shower fixtures, but the sink faucet is unfortunately, in my opinion, way too small for the sink. That was one of those little things that we wish we could have been here to make sure they changed, but it wasn’t possible to fix everything once we got here.


One of my favorite parts of the new bathroom is the Quick Suds Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner dispenser from Simplehuman. I really wasn’t sure about this at first, but this makes the room look a lot more put together than having the typical shower rack full of different types of shampoo and soap bottles in the shower. Love it!


I do love how it all turned out, I’m very pleased with the color choices and the use of the space. I am also very happy for it all to be over, because I’m sure everyone has been a part of a renovation or two, and therefore know how one little projects just seems to take over every other aspect of your life too. It was such an amazing day when I got to take away all the plastic covers and not at least when we finally got to move into our bedroom again! And of course I made a few changes to the bedroom too, so look out for my next blog if you want to see how that turned out!

Have a wonderful start to the Summer everyone!!

– Christine

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4 Responses to The Bathroom Renovations Part 3: The New Bathroom

  1. Chris Thornton says:

    It looks SO much better – really lovely. I’m trying to figure out the lighting – in picture number 1, it almost looks like light is coming from behind the mirror and the corners of the room are so bright, but thinking that’s a reflection?

    • misscrk says:

      Thank you Chris!!
      And you are right about the light, it does look a little funny in the picture and that’s because I had to over light the room for it not to look as if we don’t have black lights in there. You see, my darling boyfriend insisted on us choosing cold white LED’s for the mirror, which is a type of light that looks blue to the eye. But when you give the guy a description which says cold while light or yellow light, he did of course think that the cold white light sounded much cooler, and yes, this is also a result of online shopping! I did try to argue my case, thinking that this was my expertise, but I did sadly loose that battle and as a result we now have blue-white light in our new bathroom. It has taken me a while to get used to this light, but I have found that when I let the light on for a while it appears less blue. However generally it’s not a type of light that I would recommend for a bathroom. If our apartments was a bachelor pad, yes maybe, I guess some people would find it cool looking. But trying to do your make-up in this mirror is no fun, now I pretty much leave the house everyday just hoping that I look ok!:) I did try to take pictures with only this cold-white lights on, but the camera is only able to pick up the blue tones in the light, leaving our wonderful new bathroom looking like it belongs in some kind of night club!:) Maybe I’ll do a little blog about it, you do get a much better idea of how great the mirror looks in those pictures!

  2. Dallas Bluth says:

    Amazing Christine! Simple, elegant, beautiful…I’m so jealous now 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Wow it looks great please come to CA and redo Our master bathroom!!! XO susan

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