The Bathroom Renovations Part 2: It was time to tear it down!

March 10th was such a fun day! After more than 7 weeks of camping out in the living room, we actually got to pack our bags and leave it all mould behind for someone else to take care of. I had been looking forward to this day for such a long time, not only because I got to travel to Norway to visit my family and friends. but also because I knew that when we would be back, then it would be all over!

I figured I would start this blog with sharing the floor plan of our apartment, just to give you and idea of what I mean when I keep saying that the apartment felt so small and that life just got crammed up in the living room.


Once again, this is not the best drawing, but it does at least explain the space. We ended up closing up our bedroom pretty early, not only did it give me the creeps simply walking in there, but as time passed by and we opened up the bed for the wall to dry, it just started smelling bad too. The layout of the apartment is made so that you have to walk through our bedroom to get to the walk-in closet/my sewing room. Since opening the door to the bedroom was something we really didn’t want to do, that resulted in us also bringing what we needed from the walk-in closet into the living room and then simply shutting that part of the apartment down. I’m so used to having all the doors open here all the time, which does make the space seem so much more open and airy, so keeping those doors closed resulted in a very depressing space and keep in mind that all of this was during the dark winter months. No, it was no fun!


We did spend a lot of time prepping our apartment for the renovations, because it was kind of a funny feeling leaving everything behind and letting all these people inn while we were gone. It’s not like the apartment was left completely open and alone for the workers, our landlords were there, but still it’s not the same as being there ourselves to oversee everything. And since I knew I would be the one cleaning everything when we got back, I figured it would save me some time if we got things covered and locked up before they got started! And with the bed finally pack up and our suitcases ready to go, they got started!!


It’s simply amazing to see how fast something can be taken apart, when you know how much work it takes to put it back together!


It really only took 3-4 very loud hours for them to tear down all the old tiles!


And it all looked so sad when they were finishing up!


But it was also very easy to see where the water damage came from. The whole wall behind the shower was nasty and wet.


So for the last night in our apartment before we left, this is what the bathroom looked like! It was all gutted out, leaving only the toilet behind! And I must admit that using this toilet on a cold winter night with very little light and no heating in the room, brought back all these childhood memories to life of when we would used to go to these ski cabins in the winter where the toilet was outside in this little shed with no water and little to none electricity. Those were the days!:)


Snuggled up one last time in our living room! This is not the best picture, but the only one I found actually showing what our living room looked like during this time. And if you are wondering what we are watching on TV, that would be Wok WM! Yet another German entertainment show!:)

If you just tuned in and want to see how this little Bathroom Renovation story began, then take a look at my blog posts What a Disaster and The Bathroom Renovations Part 1; The Old Bathroom to see how it all got started! And if you want to see how the new bathroom came to life, then watch out for new blogs posts to come!

– Christine







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  1. says:

    I now understand that your stay with us, in Norway, were needed:-)

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