The Bathroom Renovations Part 1: The Old Bathroom

It seems like it’s been forever since the last time I sat down to write a blog! Normally I end up doing all kinds of creative projects and I love blogging about them, but since the big mould disaster that I blogged about in “What a Disaster” in January, I just haven’t found the space in our apartment nor the joy in doing them. Because all it took to change the wonderful start we had to the new year, was one morning where we took a good look at the wall next to our bed.

I know that renovations always ends up taking a lot more time than planed, but that it would take almost 4 months from start to completion of this little projects seems extreme now that I can sit here and look back at it. Our bathroom is really not at all that big, however we rent this apartment, so it was not all up to us to get it done. The first delay in even getting started was that our landlords wanted to do the gutting out and tearing down part of the job themselves, but due to personal reasons they would only be able to do so starting March 10th. Well, if you have read my blog about how all of this started in “What a Disaster” and seen the pictures, I’m sure you will understand why I didn’t want to continue sleeping in our bedroom for the next 7 weeks while we were waiting to get started. So since our apartment is not the biggest, not being able to sleep in the bedroom also meant that we now had to move our whole lives into our open kitchen and living room. Oh what fun that was! But we really didn’t have any other choice, so for well over 7 weeks, life simply felt crammed into a tiny space where I think we really just went to work and came home to wait for it to be all over!

So to start this little series of blogs about our bathroom renovations, lets take a look at what the bathroom used to look like!


Single sink, two FULLEN high cabinets, a LOTS mirror from IKEA and a standard bathroom light with an old scary cable that even My Darling Boyfriend, who normally fixes everything, didn’t want to touch. It was all practical, but not the interior designers dream.


I guess it’s easy to see that we had his and hers side of our bathroom sink!:) My darling boyfriend really wanted to have speakers in our bathroom, so that he could stream music from our computer in the living room. To have music playing in the bathroom is great, if you have the chance to build in speakers I would say; do it! However in our old bathroom it resulted in this wonderful box up on top of one of the cabinets, it was a solution, but once again, not the interior designers dream!


Our bathroom is divided by a wall into two parts, so the first part is where the sink was standing and the second part if where our toilet and shower stands.


A Window, towel racks, the radiator, white and light blue tiles and the worst looking moldings in history.


This is not a great drawing, but it gives you an idea of what the lay out of the bathroom looked like.

The old bathroom was ok, it wasn’t great, but it was a part of the apartment that we love, so we got used to it. Of course now that I know what the newly renovated bathroom looks like, I couldn’t imagine going back to the way it used to look. I do of course now also recognize things that I might have just gotten used to looking at before, which were all great signs of where the water damage came from.


Because we tried everything to keep our shower clean, but the silicon edges just kept turning black on us.


And other little black spots arrived throughout the bathroom from time to time.

Our landlords had talked about renovating out bathroom for the longest time, they actually wanted to do it before we moved in, but that all happened so fast that they never came around to it. But it’s of course not all that easy to plan this type of a renovation, because my darling boyfriend and I both needed to be out of the apartment for at least two weeks for them to get it done, and that during a time period when the plumber and the company contracted to do the tiles and everything els had the time. I guess sometimes it simply takes a big moldy spot on the wall to get things started!

To see what happened next, stay tuned for part two!

– Christine


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