Our new Three Little Sisters blog!

Some of my favorite things through out the year are coming up with Birthday and Christmas presents for my little sister. I do of course always take the time to ask her for a wish list, however mostly I just get creative and try to imagine how I can place a big smile on her face on these special days. This last Christmas I had already bough her a present and it was from her wish list: a cookbook. I’m sure she would have been more than happy had she just gotten the cookbook, however I felt like this was the year to give her something that would last throughout the whole year, and what if that gift could bring us closer together, makes us spend more time together, even if that meant just talking on skype, and make us have some fun in the process? Now, that sounds like the perfect Christmas present!

The thing is that my little sister and I haven’t lived in the same country for many many years now. I spent my college years in studying in California and Cathrine is spending hers in Poland, and with a five-year age difference between us, that adds up to somewhere around 10 years of now of us not sharing the same country code. Of course, only to make matters worse, I ended up moving to Germany two years ago, so now we don’t even get to see each other during Cathrine’s school breaks or summer holidays. Some times in life it really is like what our mother always says: You can’t always have both, and for us that has meant that we couldn’t live out our dreams and have each other next door at the same time. However, we may live far apart from each other, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t bond over a little project that has been given the name: Three Little Sisters.

Three Little Sisters, also known as Cathrine’s Christmas present, came to life through a couple of conversations that I had with both Cathrine and our mother. You see I was once up on a time the girly girl of the two of us. I loved mom’s big plastic earrings, I dreamed of the day when I would be allowed to wear her make-up and of all of that pink and glittery stuff, but somewhere along the way all of that changed. I can’t remember exactly which summer is was, but there was this one summer where my little sister, the one who loved nothing more than her rubber boots and her sweats suits, just blossomed into this beautiful young woman. So as Cathrine’s interest in anything beauty related grew, mine just kind of stayed where I had made myself comfortable, which is exactly how I would describe my every beauty and skincare routine; comfortable and practical. That was until I got two pretty big lectures from two very important women in my life, Mom and Cathrine, about how it was time for to start taking better care of myself. I thought about what they had told me for a long time, I did some research and then I did the right thing; I called Cathrine and asked for help, and my very own beauty guru did of course have lots of tips and this is where the idea of the Christmas present came to life.

What if I picked out a new product every month that I would like to try, bought one for me and one for Cathrine and then we tested them together? Not only would this make the world of beauty a lot more fun to discover, but it would be a fun projects that we could share and use as a bridge for us to keep closer together. So that is exactly what I gave her: One year of monthly beauty surprises and this blog that we decided together to call:

Three Little Sisters.

Now why would be call this blog “Three Little Sisters” when I’m clearly Cathrine’s big sister and her my little sister? Well, we also decided that this year would not the same if we didn’t share it with Marie, who’s just as much a sister to us and whom we also don’t get to see nearly enough, since she is the only one of us that lives in Norway. So the name “Three Little Sisters” comes from one of the things we all have in common; we are all little sisters!

So we welcome you to our blog;

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-09 um 22.35.51

and a year filled with what we hope to be a fun little adventures in the world of beauty products. This is not in any way meant to be a “beauty-guru” blog; it’s really just supposed to be just a fun project that we want to share with all of you! Which products we may end up testing, that I don’t know yet, I will simply let myself get inspired and see what I find on my way. Maybe you have a great idea or a product you just can’t live without? Well, if you do, we would love to hear about it and maybe it will end up as one of the products that we end up trying!

Dear Cathrine and Marie, it means the world to me that you wanted to embark on this little journey with me and I hope this year will bring us all nothing but happiness, fun and maybe even clearer skin and longer eyelashes!:)



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