What a disaster!

I was going to start this new year with sharing the bedroom renovation/redecorating I did in the fall. The only thing missing was new bedding and I was all done, and our bedroom was looking so nice. That was until this morning!


Our internet connection has been acting up the last 3-4 week, it’s just been a big old mess and no fun at all, but today were are finally going to get a technician to come here and take a look at it. However, did I ever mention that the phone outlet and our receiver has been build in under our bed and that they are not very accessible at all? Now if you haven’t seen our bed which I featured in A Place for Sweet Dreams, you might not understand what I mean, but if you have, you know that it pretty much takes up the whole room and that it’s not very movable. So this morning we were pretty much taking apart as much of the bed as possible, without ruining it’s new glossy finish (it looked so beautiful), go give the technician access to all the things he needed to check and that’s when we found the Disaster!

On the side wall of the room, the bottom part which you can’t normally see because our bed is covering it, we discovered a big moldy and nasty spot. My first thought was ;  “oh, no, I have been sleeping next to this for who knows how long”. I simply feel dirty inside and out! But this was of course not the moment to freak out, because this is something that needs to be taken care of fast. You see, on the other side of this wall is our bathroom and behind this exact spot our shower. We have been on mold lookout for a while in there, because the shower just looks like it needs to be renovated and because no matter what we did, there always seemed to be some type of mold showing up. I guess this is the time to also mention that we are renting this apartment, so yes, we have mentioned our thoughts on this shower several times to our landlord, but I guess it took this big nasty spot to make them look a little closer!


Yes, I have had the pleasure of sleeping next t this guy for a while!

So today I’m sitting here realizing that I will most likely not going to be allowed to sleep in my bed for a while or use the bathroom in our apartment. I guess we are going to be homeless for a while, or at least until they have figured out how to fix our little problem here!

I will keep you guys updated on our now new renovations! I must admit, I’m hoping they have to do our whole bathroom, it really would be about time!


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7 Responses to What a disaster!

  1. Chris Thornton says:

    Dear Christine – You’re not really going to be homeless in the middle of winter! I hope they get the problem fixed and you are back in your sweet dreams bed very soon.

    • misscrk says:

      I guess water damages comes in winter too! But we are really lucky, our landlord does always fix everything really fast, so hopefully will this be just as fast!

  2. Susan says:

    That’s what happened to our kitchen because the dishwasher was leaking. I now have a great new kitchen but it took forever eek ….good luck, that picture is awful. XO Susan

    • misscrk says:

      I do really hope our new bathroom will looks as wonderful as your new kitchen, which is simply stunning!! But yes, it will take forever, mostly because our landlord can’t even start fixing it until somewhere in the middle of March!! That’s two months of sleeping on our pullout sofa! My back is not happy!:( But, hopefully the results will be all worth it!:) Hugs, Christine

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