All the Little Baby Boys

It’s a very exciting time right now, because several of our friends just happens to all have their due dates within weeks of each other, and what do they also have in common? Oh yes, they are all having Baby Boys!

I can only imagine what it must be like for the parents themselves to walk around waiting for their little ones to arrive, because I’m walking around here wondering what to do while waiting! So I figured that while we are waiting, I might as well get started on a few Baby Blue gifts! I made little Diaper Purses like these, as seen in The Perfect Little Gift, for the first time about a year ago, as the son of one of my best friends turned 1 year old and the original Diaper Purse I bought her for the birth of her son needed to be replaced. I wanted to give her something original and more fun than what I could find in the store and decided to design my own little Diaper Purses. And as this wonderful girlfriend of mine happens to be one of the expecting mom’s, I also figured it was about time I made some new Diaper Purses for the arrival of the Little Baby Boys!

Diaper Purse 3The whole reason behind the Diaper Purses was that a Mom could keep using her great Tote Bag even after becoming a Mom, and not necessarily have to bring a big diaper bag with her all the time.

Diaper PurseI have made the new Diaper Purses just a little bit bigger than the old ones, because not being a mom myself I didn’t really now exactly what a Mom needed to bring with her all the time. But after a little research and having been around our friends wonderful children, I decided that just a little more space would help. So in these little Diaper Purses you can comfortably fit; 2-3 diapers (the ones in the picture is a size 2 / 3-6 kg), a travel size package of wipes, a bottle of powder or a tube of cream, a pacifier and an extra romper.

Diaper Purse 12And since they are all having Baby Boys, it only seems right to play around with Baby blues, light beiges and greens. I also wanted to make these really sweet since they are all for new borns, so I went for a lighter touch of decorations than what I did last time.

And here are the results;

Diaper Purse 7Nr. 1  Dark blue edges and a while Elephant

Diaper Purse 8Nr. 2 Baby Blue Apples and Whiles Elephants

Diaper PurseNr. 3 Beige Felt Heat and a Baby Blue car

Diaper Purse 2Nr. 4 Beige Felt Hart and White Elephant

Diaper Purse 5Nr. 5 Green Apple

Diaper Purse 6Nr. 6 Green Butterflies and Orange Silk Stripes

If you would like to make one of these yourself as a great Baby gift, take a look at my post  The Perfect Little Gift and you will find a step by step instructions. It is really easy and there’s really no end to how creative you can be with colors and decorations!

Now it’s time to go back to waiting for the Little Baby Boys!:) So so excited!!

– Christine





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7 Responses to All the Little Baby Boys

  1. Cathrine says:

    Love them!!

  2. Our Wolf Den says:

    Very cute. As someone else who doesn’t have kids I understand the excitement when one of your friends has one. My hubby and I had the most fun ever shopping for a two year old girl for Christmas, we must have spent 2 hours in the toy row.

    Manda @ Our Wolf Den

  3. Gro says:

    So cute! What a job! Hugs Mamma

  4. Jannicke Kristoffersen says:


  5. Susan says:

    Wow you are so smart, just love everything u think of and then DO!!!!!xo Susan

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