Summer Time in our Garden, Part 3 My Bench

My Red Bench and I! Our story together started a little over two years ago, as I wrote about last summer in “From Trash to Treasure“. I was wishing for a bench and found this one standing on the street waiting for the garbage man to pick her up. I just knew this bench was meant to be mine and now I can’t even imagine our garden without her!

Garden 3 -1

But she has been standing outside Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring now for the last two years and her paint was starting to chip and she generally need a little tender love an care.

My idea was to sand her down little, using normal sand paper, and then just give her a new coat of paint. However at some point I decided to take my darling boyfriend with me to our local hardware store to get the supplies I needed (HUGE mistake), and before I could stop him, was he insisting on asking a very helpful handyman for instructions on how to best restore my bench… I tried to reason with him and I tried to tell him that we didn’t need to do all of that and I also specifically told him that I would not do all that work myself. He went on to tell me that this would be the best and only way to save my bench (and I do love my bench, so it was hard to disagree with him at this point) and then he promised me to do all the sanding himself. Oh, well, let’s just say that my “let’s not put that much work in to it” plan went down the drain and in came a multiple step plan instead!:)

Garden 3-2Step 1: Sand down all the old paint. And with “all the old paint”, I mean two think layers to red lacker and two think coats of primer. Oh, and who is this person in the picture with the sander…? Doesn’t look much like my darling boyfriend does it!? 🙂 Yes, it didn’t take long before this suddenly was once again, just my project to finish.

Garden 3-3It was all supposed to be so easy with our new PSM 18 LI  Bosch Cordless Sander. This little tool is super handy and I can imagine that for smaller home repairs or sanding down unfinished wood, it will be the perfect tool. However with these think layers of paint, this job was taking forever and the tool started show wear really fast.

Garden 3-4Hours and hours of work and it still looked like we just started!

Garden 3-5And of course it didn’t help that we started this project in the beginning of May, a month so full of bank holidays that you end up never getting get any work done. And why is that you ask, well, it’s so here in our little town in the south of Germany, that on Sundays and on other religiously related holidays, you are not allowed to do any type of noisy work in your garden and that included my sander. So every time I had a day off and time to get to work on my bench done, I wasn’t allowed.

Garden 3-6But after 3 weeks of hard work and hours of fighting agains red dust from the sander (I recommend using protection glasses and a face mask when doing work like this, because this dust ends up everywhere), had I finally stripped down almost the whole bench (I decided that some parts, mostly the dry ones underneath, I would just paint over) and was finally read for the next step in this lengthy process.

Garden 3-9Step 2: One coat of a Sealant that’s meant to protect the wood from all the wear and tear our four seasons brings along with them. This was the funniest material to work with, it felt like I was painting with milk!

Garden 3-10Step 3: Two layers of beautiful red wood stain and she was finally done. Doesn’t she look glorious again!?:)

Garden 3-7Just perfect that is what she is! And with her new green pillows, SOLID  chair cushions from Butlers and a few from my IKEA pillows from last year, she’s simply my perfect bench again!

Another project finished, but our garden still needs a few changes before it’s ready for summer, so on to the next project we go!

– Christine

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7 Responses to Summer Time in our Garden, Part 3 My Bench

  1. Chris Thornton says:

    It looks lovely all restored with the green pillows! (and note to self, next project leave the man at home haha)

    • misscrk says:

      Thank you Chris!!
      Some how it always ends up feeling like all the hard work, sweat and red dust in every corner was worth it, when you get to see the finished product! And it feels even better knowing what I’m capable of doing myself!:)

  2. Jannicke Kristoffersen says:

    You did a really good Job little sister! All creds to you, alone! 🙂 The bench has Soul and spirit, it’s beautiful! Proud of you!:)

    • misscrk says:

      Thank you so much Jannicke! Some times the only way to make something happen is to do it yourself, and of course it feels ten times as good knowing it was all my work!:)

      I’m also so exited that you are reading my blog!! The whole reason why I started writing this blog in the first place, was so that I could share more of my everyday life with you guys and now it seems like it has worked! So exited!!:) Big hugs to you!!

  3. I like the colour combo!

    • misscrk says:

      Thank you, I love this color combination! Our apartment is pretty much all white, great and black, with little hints of color here and there, so outside I like to go all the way and just mix it up as bright as I can! Summer is just the best time of year!

  4. Brenda Acosta says:

    The bench looked great two years ago, and you improved it with the new paint and pillows. Congratulations on completing such a big project. You did it so well.

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