Summer Time in our Garden, Part 2 The Dandelion Terminator

Some of the first signs of Spring is when the little Dandelions starts popping up one next to the other on the side of the road and in our gardens. Theses little bright yellow wonders of spring are telling us that the summer is just around the corner and that we once again, have made it through the long and cold winter and that we can start stepping our in our gardens again.

Yes, for some people Dandelions are the first signs of spring, for others they are signs of love and huge smiles on their faces as their little ones come home with their first self picked bouquets for mom, however for some of us, they are deep rooted, overly populated, lawn destroying, horrible amount work and very unnecessary weeds! The only question on my mind as soon as the first one popped up this year was (and I mean this is the sweetest and most none offensive way that I can say it) ; How to get them all killed and gone for good?

Garden Part 2 - 11

Our lawn is one of those that has been left to fend for itself for many many years, which means that every type of weeds there is, has had the time to move in and settle down. The only way to really solve our problem and get rid of the weeds would be to dig deep and remove all of the existing lawn, then replace the soil and plan new grass. However, since we are renting this apartment, we don’t want to invest that much money in fixing up the lawn, so we needed to find a different solution.

Garden Part 2 - 2

And over the last two years, I have tried my best to weed out all the Dandelions using this little tool, however they are so deep rooted, that even my tool was about ready to give up, but then I meet my new friend; The Dandelion Terminator!:)

Garden Part 2 - 4

This is the: The Fiskars 1399 Deluxe Telescoping Weed Remover

This is such a great tool for getting rid off all of those weeds you might have blooming up on your garden and that without having to break your back getting the job done!

Garden Part 2 - 9

You really just position the claw of the weeder around the hart of the Dandelion, step down with your foot on the leveler, push back, pull up and the use the handle to release the Dandelion.

Garden Part 2 - 3

And by completing these small steps, you will also be smiling like I did, as I pulled out my first super rooted Dandelion from our lawn!

Garden Part 2 - 5

This is a result I would not have gotten with my poor tool from last year!

Garden Part 2 - 6

The only thing I have found somewhat negative about the Fiskars Weeder, is that the claw does also take away a pretty big chunks of dirt together with weed itself, especially when used on the type of muddy ground that we have in our garden. So after a good round of weeding, I was left with a good amount of these wholes in our lawn.

Garden Part 2 - 7

Can’t say it looked very pretty after I finished, but I filled up every whole with new soil and lots of new grass seeds.

Garden Part 2 - 8

And after only a little under two weeks with enough sun and rain, the new grass is already  growing!

All together I have been having a lot of fun with my Fiskars Weeder! It’s does cost a little bit of money, I payed about 50 Euros for mine on, but seeing the amount of time it’s saving me and how great the results are, I would say it’s more than worth it!

If you have questions about how this fun tool works are how to use it, I would suggest taking a look at this little film;

And while I’m waiting for the grass to grow, I will use the time to sand down and fix up my wonderful pink bench! Summer projects here I come!:)

– Christine

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2 Responses to Summer Time in our Garden, Part 2 The Dandelion Terminator

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Christine, I need you and your Fiskar in California!!!! One more we of school and I will send you an update. Love reading your blog. XO Susan

    • misscrk says:

      Hello Susan!

      I’m so exited that you are reading my blog!! I was hoping that this blog would be a way for me to share more about my life with all my friends and family, and it really seems to be working! So excited about that!!:) I will make sure to send you an update about everyone and everything too soon! Big hugs, Christine

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