Summer Time in our Garden, Part 1 Getting Started

The first really warm summer feeling days has already come to visit us in our little town in the south of Germany and I just couldn’t wait any longer; it’s finally time to bring our little garden back to life again!

garden 3

After a long and cold winter, and weeks of roof construction, our garden didn’t look like much anymore. The very friendly construction workers had also been as nice as to just throw my pots and plants out of their way, so there’s plenty to get done around here.

garden 2

I have several bigger projects planed for our little garden this summer, however, the simples and fastest way to just bring in some joy and color into it, was to fill up my flower pots!

garden 1

This year I have planted several types of flowers which I don’t really have any experience with, they just looked really nice, so I figured that I would give them a try! The only one that’s here for the 3rd year in a row, is the bigger yellow and orange one in the back ground, a Lantana Camara (“Wandelröschen” in German). I bough my first one knowing nothing about the flower, I just picked up because of it’s wonderful mixed color or pinks, yellows and oranges, but now I keep searching for it every year knowing that it will not let me down. So absolutely my personal favorite! To see what it will end up looking like, take a look at this post of mine from last summer; From Trash to Treasure.

garden 5

I also bought two of these flower pots at Butlers! The great thing with working in a store that sells all kind of decorative items, is that you have plenty of time to look around and you get the first pick! And I knew I wanted bigger flower pots, because the last two years my flowers always ended up growing out of their pots and them I had to replant them, which wasn’t always so successful. So this year I wanted to plant my lovely friends in the right size pot straight away (which is of course a lot easier now that I know how big the flowers are going to end up)! I love that these pots are so simple in their color and structure, this way, the flowers itself really will get all the attention.

garden 4

So part one of getting the garden back on it’s feet has been planted and I can proudly tell you guys that these little guys have grown so much already!

Now I’m on to my next project, which will include trying to get the dandelions out of our lawn! A project which I know will be close to impossible, but I will give it my best!:)

– Christine

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