Love at first sight!

Springs, or should I maybe say Summer, has officially come to our little town and it feels so great!! All the fruit trees in our surroundings are blossoming, the chives which I planed last year is already grown to be 20cm high and I can’t wait to plant my summer flowers! However, they are doing some construction on the roof of the house that we are living in, so the whole house is surrounded by scaffolding, which doesn’t really help creating that romantic summer setting I have been dreaming off since fall came around last year.

But I figured that in the mean time I could spend some time bringing a little bit of that summer feeling into our apartment, and since my darling boyfriend is not the biggest fan of all my “stuff”, I had to find just the right piece before bringing to him. And I did!! It was Love at first sight!!

Untitled 8 copy

I found this great piece at DEPOT in Heidelberg and I knew it had be mine. I did of course do the whole, “Honey, what do you think about this picture for our wall in the living room” question round, just to be polite, but I also knew I would not accept no for an answer this time. It was just too perfect!

Untitled 2 copy

The picture it’s called “Silver Lake” and carries the names of places and streets in Southern California, which keeps reminding me of a place I used to call home. And what is better feeling than the warm summer feeling of sunny California?! So this picture serves it’s purpose perfectly, as I’m trying to bring that summer feeling into our home.

Untitled 5 copy

We have kept our living room in mostly white and grey tones, so the green colors of the picture and the orchid makes for a real nice pop of color, but still keeps the room light and clean cut.

Untitled 7 copy copy

I know it looks like as if we have a huge blank wall in our living room, and that I have hug my picture kind of strangely off to the side. And yes, during the day when my darling boyfriend is at work this wall does look very empty, however when he comes home at night, it turns into a very large television picture by the help of our projector. He keeps telling me, that this is the only way to really appreciate a good game of soccer from our own couch!:)

I can’t wait for them to remove this scaffolding from the house, so that I can get outside and started on all my garden projects! Spring is just the best time of the year!

– Christine

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4 Responses to Love at first sight!

  1. Dallas Bluth says:

    I love the new picture. Glad you have a piece in your home to remind you of your California life!

    • misscrk says:

      I actually already have a really great sign that simply says “California” hanging on the wall in the hallway here, which I got as an graduation gift, so I guess you could say that this picture is a great addition to my collection (and of course there’s my little CA license plate with my name on it, which is prof that I also actually was in CA as a tourist once many many years ago!:) )!:) But it should also be said that it’s so hard to find great pictures or other great things that has to do with CA, New York stuff on the other hand, you kind if everywhere and all the time. So this was a real great find!:)

  2. Brenda says:

    Dear Christina, I am always amazed at how creative you are. The fact that you can make an old sign like this one look so good and sophisticated 🙂 You are amazing!! We miss you so much at IESC 🙂

  3. Gro says:

    Just love it! Do hope that You and I will have the oportunity to go back together to the place you called home some years ago. Hugs mamma

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