My mom has been Knitting too!

Ever since I visited Norway last September and got the “knitting fever” pass over from my mom, almost every single project that I have done, has been a Dorthe Skappel Sweater knitting project . However, I haven’t been the only one who’s been spending my evenings in front on the TV with knitting needles in my hands, because my mom has been knitting too! And since I have had so many readers interested in this sweater, I figured I would share my mom’s projects too, so that you guys could get to see how this sweater can be made in so many different ways just by choosing a different type of yarn and size knitting needle.

Cathrine's Sweater 1

My little sister was home last September too and of course also she wanted to have one of those really great and comfy Dorthe Skappel Sweater, so Cathrine and I went yarn shopping and my mom got the great honors of knitting the sweater for her!:)

Cathrine chose hers too be a warm grey color, and my mom knitted this sweater using the  exact pattern as described in The Pattern for the “Dorthe Skappel Sweater” in English and on the the Maria Skappel homepage. The only thing she changed from the original pattern is the type of yarn, and this sweater, like my jacket from From Skeins of Yarn, to a Woolen Jacket and then into a basket of full of Woll Balls!, has been knitted with a sport yarn, which makes the sweater nice and thick, and you can wash it warm in your washing machine!

There was more sweaters to come, so stay tuned!:)

– Christine

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2 Responses to My mom has been Knitting too!

  1. Kristin Kvarme says:

    Did she use 1 or 2 threads of yarn at a time with the sports yarn? Have you made a kids size of this sweater? I bought the kids’ size 2-4 pattern from the Skappel website but my daughter is 7 so I was wondering how many stitches to add to the width … Love these sweaters!

    • misscrk says:

      Hello Kristin!

      We used two threads while knitting with the Sports Yarn, just because we wanted the sweater to be a nice and thick winter sweater. We did test to see what it would look like using only one thread, but then the result got kind of flimsy and just not very well put together. It just didn’t look good using 7mm pins.

      All the sweaters we have knitted has been knitted from our own measurements, which means that we simply used a measuring tape to measure the with of the person body and then the length. Then having knitted a 20 x 20 swatch with the yarn we wanted to use, we could calculate how many stitches we would need for that person sweater. It’s a little bit of a test and go, especially trying to find out where to start the neck, but finding the pattern that fits perfectly for everyones sizes and wishes is not all that easy either!

      I hope this was helpful! If you have any other questions, please let me know and I will do my best to help!

      – Christine

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