A Sweater for my darling Mother!

There was a time when I had way too much time on my hands and I was always looking for new projects, and as smart as she is, did my mother of course figure that sending me some skeins of yarn might just result in a Dorthe Skappel Sweater for her! And of course she was right, I will knit as many sweaters as she wants for her! But her reason for asking was because she had been on a trip to Sweden with friends and together they had found this little and truly old fashioned yarn store run by this darling old lady, which amongst the hundreds of skeins of yarn had this wonderfully soft and fluffy silk Mohair yarn in stock. So from a tiny store in Sweden, came 4 skeins of yarn to me by mail! And I have said this before; My mom know’s exactly how to send the perfect Care package!

Mamma's Sweater 2 copy

The yarn my mother sent me is a Silk Kid  Mohair in Grey, from Sandnes Garn (this page also comes in English), a mix of 60% Mohair, 15% Wool and 25% Silk, which is a pretty thin type of yarn. I knitted the sweater with a single thread on a size 9mm circular needle, which created a pretty light and feminine sweater. My mom wanted a sweater she could use in spring and summer, and also for somewhat more dressed up occasions. So in comparison to most of the Dorthe Skappel Sweaters that we have seen, I guess you could call this one a little more see through and much lighter.

Mom's Sweater

The only thing I have to say about knitting with this type of yarn, and that using a single thread, is that it has a tendency of slipping and I had a hard time getting a good grip. After a few rounds and many mistakes, I got a hang of it, decided to redo what I had just finished and to start all over again. Once I had gotten used to the yarn it was no problem, but it feels very thin and it doesn’t have the stable structure that I’m used to from other types of yarn.

Mom's Sweater 3

On the plus side, you really don’t not need much yarn at all knit a sweater like this one. I used about 150g of yarn, which in the case of this Silk Kid Mohair from Sandnes Garn, was about 3 skeins. It’s kind of hard trying to figure out exactly how big the sweater will turn out, because the finished sweater does stretch a lot when you start using it, so make some big knitting test squares before you begin.

I would love to know if other people have some experience with the use of this type of yarn and maybe some great tips for figuring out how to make the sweater in the right size!

– Christine

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