From Skeins of Yarn, to a Woolen Jacket and then into a basket full of Wool Balls!

I talked to my mom today and got some bad news; she hand’t been able to get more the yarn for her sweater, The Dorthe Skappel Sweater! She said she would try to visit some other stores to see if they would have more of the same yarn there, but it does mean that I have to wait a little longer before I will be able to show you guys the finished product. So I though I should show you another knitting project of mine in the mean time!

It was during my stay in Norway that I got introducesed to this knitted sweater that I have been talking about in both the “My mom know’s exactly how to send the perfect Care package!” and the “The Pattern for the “Dorthe Skappel Sweater” in English” post, and eager to take on a whole new project, I started knitting while I was still in Norway. I had wanted a knitted jacket for the longest time and found the pattern for this sweater to be just perfect, so with a few adjustments, I got started and hoped for the best….

I chose a sports wool, a type of yarn you can be wash on 40 degrees in your washing machine without ending up as mini sweater afterwards. I also chose this warm beige color, which would be perfect for a warm and nice fall jacket. And the great thing about this pattern, is that it’s very easy to knit, so you can take it with you everywhere you go! On this picture I’m waiting for the bus on my way home from the air-port!

I used a little under two weeks to knit and sew this jacket together! And to make it my own I added my initials on the back, using a dark brown yarn and some simple stitches.

And here it is! Yes, the jacket is lovely, I love the color and the neckline, however it turned out about 2 numbers to big and much longer than what I wanted it to be! I guess you could say, that this jacket does nothing for my figure!

To show you what the jacket should look like on me, I asked my 190cm tall and wide shouldered darling boyfriend to put it on and on him it fits perfectly!:) I know I could have just given him the jacket, but he didn’t seem very interested, so I decided to…

….take the whole thing apart!! Now I have a big basket full of yarn and I can start all over again! This time I will make sure to make it in my size!:)

– Christine

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6 Responses to From Skeins of Yarn, to a Woolen Jacket and then into a basket full of Wool Balls!

  1. Tine says:

    Haahahhaa, strikke en jakke for så å ta den fra hverandre! Gotta love it!

  2. Gro says:

    ……and you have more yarn for another prosject! I do think you may have the particulare mood to understand that taking apart a knitting-prosject and do the whole job again, is fun 🙂 More yarn are posted and a second prosject for you is on it’s way.

    • misscrk says:

      That’s exactly how I see it! Taking one project to make another is nothing but more fun for me! And since I have a mom with a big wish list, I will never run out of new projects!:) Looking forward to the a new project in the mail!

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