My mom know’s exactly how to send the perfect Care package!

Having spent a couple of weeks at home in Norway I learned that I was not at all up to date on the current must have trend of “Do it Yourself” Norwegian projects; The Dorthe Skappel sweater! So together with my mom I took up knitting again! I hadn’t knitted in years, but it turned out that learning how to knit is like learning how to ride a bicycle, once you know how, you will never forget! And today the mail man came and delivered a package of the kind that only my mom knows how to send; A package full of yarn and knitting pins for yet another Dorthe Skappel sweater! So excited!!! What a great way to start the week and the perfect project for nice fall evenings at home!

The Dorthe Skappel sweater seems to be a huge hit amongst Norwegian creative knitters and people have been knitting this sweater with all different kinds of yarns and in all different sizes. I have tired to find the instructions in English, because the original once are in Norwegian, but so far I haven’t had much luck. But I will be posting new post as I get started on this project and then I will make sure to translate the instructions too!

My mom has chosen two different colored Alpaca yarn types, which I will knit together using double tread, so that the colors get mixed into one great sweater!

Two set’s of knitting pins; nr. 9 in 60cm for the arm and nr.9 in 80cm for the front and the back piece.

And best of all!!! My mom sent Norwegian Chocolate!! I can not promise that I will share these with anyone at all!:) I know we all have our favorite chocolates and we all say that our favorite ones has to be the best one there is, however, the Norwegian one is something all to itself and has to be tried! This is a pure milk chocolate that’s truly “A Little Piece of Norway

Stayed tuned for more on my Sweater Project and on how to make your very own one!

– Christine

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5 Responses to My mom know’s exactly how to send the perfect Care package!

  1. Verónica says:

    Moms are the best.

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