Ballerina House Shoes

I wrote at the end of my last post that I was looking forward to my next challenge, and well, this is not really my next one because I did already finish this one, but it’s one I took on a few weeks ago.

A little while ago I posed a post called The Little Shoes, where I showed how I made little Kimono Baby Shoes with the help of a free pattern I found at think liz.. This post was also posted on my Facebook Page and a girlfriend of mine commented on how cute they were, to which I answered that I would love to make a pair for her too. Yes, it was one of those moments where I just took a chance and figured that it would be a creative challenge I would make happen!

I started with tracing one of my own ballerina shoes, which would make the pattern a size 39 European size (8 US size). The first pattern I kept for the sole of the shoe and then I made a second one where I added 1cm allowance around the whole pattern.

I used the original shape of pattern form the Baby Kimonos for the top part of the shoes and just sized it up with the used of a little creative drawing.

First I cute out soles in red felt fabric and then I used the bigger pattern for the bottom of the shoe to cut out one pair in a dark grey water resistant fabric (for the bottom), then one pair in a thick white felt fabric (which will serve as patting) and one pair in a pink cotton fabric (which will be the inside of the shoe).

Last I cut out the fabric pieces for the inside and the outside of the upper part of the shoe. I used the same sewing directions as I had used for the Baby Kimonos to sew all the pieces together. The only thing I did different from the original pattern, was to add a sole, which I did by hand sewing in red felt fabric soles.

And here they are! Super cute house shoes for two really cute girls!

To make them special for each person I added on red felt flowers with pearls, little pink silk ribbon bows and stitched their initials on the heals.

This is my little sister trying hers on! They did get a little loose in the back, so adding an elastic band in the back might be a great idea for an improvement!

Time to start looking for that next creative challenge again!! If you have one, don’t be afraid to send it my way!:)

– Christine

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