The Place I call Home!

A few days ago I travelled to the place I call home; the city of Tønsberg in Norway. This is where I grew up, this is where most of my family lives, this is a city that I really know and where I feel at home. It feels just as great every time I come back and it’s always just as exciting to see everything again, so I though I would spend the next to weeks sharing a little bit of Tønsberg with all of you!

Tønsberg is a small costal city (or often seen as a bigger city when you compare it to other cities in Norway) in the south of Norway, located about 100km south of Oslo. Known as the oldest city in Norway, the city is also home to a lot of Viking History, which can be discovered through the many city attractions. But for now, I just want to show a few pictures from walks I have been on over the last two days!

A morning walk on the island where my parents live!

Boats waiting to be packed away for the winter!

A little beach!

I find the design of this building so beautiful! “Sjøstua” is actually a community house in the part of the city where my parents live.

I love how this city is full of wooden houses in all kinds of colors!

Tønsberg Harbour

A city where even the Vikings comes home at night!:)

The view from my parents apartment at sunset!

I will be spending the new two weeks here and I’m hoping to be able to share a lot of with all of you!

– Christine

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3 Responses to The Place I call Home!

  1. Chris Thornton says:

    Beautiful photos! We had such a lovely time with your family in Tønsberg last summer. I’m looking forward to your future posts. Greetings to everyone!

  2. Chester & Rebekka says:

    I love these pictures. The place you call home is wonderfull!
    I hope I could be there next year….then you have to show me everthing!

    We miss you!

  3. itwasjudith says:

    lovely Viking boat 🙂 thanks for sharing

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