The Teddy Bears

There are very few things that will follow me throughout my entire life, very few thing I hold on to because they give me a feeling of safety and home, and there are very few things I will make sure to patch up even when they get worn out and old. But there are two special someones who was always there for me and whom I will never let go; My Teddy Bears.

People who know’s me very well, also know’s who “Turid” is. Turid is the very special and very cute grey and white Teddy Bear Dog you see in this picture. She was given to me when I was about 4 years old and hasn’t left my side since. She doesn’t sleep in my bed anymore, but I make sure to look after her all the time. And if you are wondering how she got the name “Turid”, the story is as simple as that she’s named after a girl I looked up to very much in kindergarden.

The bear doesn’t have a name, but he also became an important part of my life during a grocery shopping trip with my grandparents. It was one of those moments when a little girl falls in love with a Teddy Bear and then get’s to take him home, little did my grandparents know that he would end up being by my side forever.

I’m sure not all parents will agree with me when I say that you can never have enough Teddy Bears, I do know that they take up a lot of space in a child’s bedroom, however there’s just sometime magical about them. Who doesn’t smile when they are given a Teddy Bear? It’s just impossible not to, which is also why I decided that a Teddy Bear was next on my “what can I create myself” to do list!

This handsome young Teddy Bear is about 30cm tall and is a product of a lot of left over fabric pieces. I wanted to give this cute little boy who was turing 1 year old in August a gift that I made myself next to the store bought gift, and a Teddy Bear just seemed to be the perfect idea.

He turned out much cuter than I expected, you just never really know what’s going to happen when you start a creative project! But I was very excite to pack him up and ship him home to the birthday boy.

After I had finished the first bear I really wanted to make a second one. I had so much fun seeing the first bear come to life and I had all these left over pink fabric pieces I could use, so of course I had to make a second one. And I’m so in love with “Teddy Bearine”, I think she just became my sewing room mascot!

Teddy Bearine is a little bigger than the first bear, she’s about 45cm tall and she’s also a little fluffier, because I filled here with cut up pieces from a fleece blanket instead of normal filler. I’m not sure if “Teddy Bearine” is the right name for her, sometimes the right name just takes a little while to find!

The cute Teddy Bears together! Just think they little tails turned out so cute!

Creating your very own Teddy Bear is so much fun and there’s really nothing you can do wrong, because the little “mistakes” just makes the bear that much cuter! I made these two without any pattern or ideas, I simply just started patched fabric pieces together and changed things up as I went along with the goal of a Teddy Bear in mind. You should try it too, and you will see how in love you will be with the Teddy Bear that you create for yourself or someone else!

– Christine

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