The Little Shoes

Ever since my little sister got me all these cute baby pink and baby blue fabrics for my birthday, I have had nothing but baby on my mind. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that as in me wanting to have a baby, but more in terms of baby gifts and other cute little baby things for friends and family. All these ideas does of course also have a little to do with the fact that it feels like everyone around me is having babies and that I’m in the need of that perfect little gift more often than ever before.

This time I’m have been trying to come up with a cute gift for a little boy that will be arriving in a few short weeks, as my darling boyfriend will become an uncle for the first time. I didn’t want to make a big blanket or something like that, because I know they already got similar things, but I saw these little Kimono Shoes and just knew I had to give them a try. I found a free PDF pattern at think liz., which also came with step by step picture tutorial and instructions, so they were not hard to make at all. And these are my versions;

I followed the instructions from think liz., but decided to add soles to cover up the seems on the inside of the shoes and to make them a little softer. For the soles I used a pretty soft felt fabric and because I wanted to personalize them, I added the little felt bug and blanket stitches around the edges. If you don’t know how to make blanket stitches I would suggest taking a look at the Stitch School blog, they have a great picture tutorial on how to make them and lot of other great idea too.

This is one of my Diaper Purses from my post and tutorial The perfect Little Gift, which would make for a perfect little gift set together with the Kimono Shoes.

As I was finishing the first pair I did of course also want to make a pair for a little baby girl. They are the same Kimono shoes as the first ones, but by adding a big red felt flower on the front, they look more like little Ballerinas.  I don’t have a little girl to give them too yet, but making girly things is always so much fun and I’m sure someone will have a girl eventually and then I will have plenty of gifts stored up.

And these little Ballerinas matches one of my girly Diaper Purses too!

I have made these little Kimono Shoes exactly the same size as the pattern,  which I’m guessing makes them about the size you would need for a new born or maybe a little bigger. But it would be very easy to make them in bigger sizes by simply tracing your little boy or girls foot, and then size the pattern up accordingly. I’m sure these little Kimonos would be great as house shoes by adding a anti-slip fabric on the bottom, and by making them in thicker or thinner fabrics.

Happy Sewing!

– Christine

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