A Castle made for a young Knights Cupcakes

After a few weeks of reparations, many different ideas and a few different projects, the day was finally here and Leon was ready for his birthday party! But of course I had to throw in one last little creative touch and I did have to actually come up with a Cupcake that the birthday boy really liked, so with a few hours to go, I started this “little” project!

Leon, the little 4 year old that I had promised Cupcakes for his birthday, did not at all like my first try at making Cupcakes; The Birthday Boy’s Cupcakes. The frosting was to sweet and the decorations was just in the way, let’s just say that he just wanted Cupcakes and not all the other stuff. So I went back to what’s now my favorite place to find recipes; detsoteliv.no. I have talked about this website before and I know it’s in Norwegian, which is not a language most people speak. However when you open this page through Google, you get this line on top asking if you wanted the pages translated into English, so just press yes and you get all the recipes in English! I gave this option a try, and I know that sometimes the translations are not all that good, but I have to say that I was positively surprised by this one!

So the birthday boy wanted Cupcakes and Chocolate Cupcakes were on top of his wishlist, so I ended up using a recipe called “American Chocolate Cupcakes” from detsoteliv.no. The biggest difference between this recipe and the one I used last time, was that this batter was made with oil instead of butter, which resulted in much fluffier and lighter Cupcakes.

Since there would be 11 kids at this birthday part, I wanted to make more than just Chocolate Cupcakes, to make sure they would all find something they liked. So I used the same recipe for all the Cupcakes, but substituted the dark cocoa with Vanilla Sugar, Nesquik or Banana, and/or added Apples, Chocolate Chips, M&M’s and Peanuts.

Here we got; Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Chips, Dark Chocolate with M&M’s and Banana Nut Cupcakes

Here we got; Dark Chocolate with Peanuts, Apple and Cinnamon and Vanilla Cupcakes

Here we got; Dark Chocolate with Peanuts and M&M’s, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla with M&M’s Cupcakes

Last but not at least we got; Vanilla with Chocolate Chips, Banana and Nesquik Cupckaes

After a few tastings Leon and I decided that we now had a lot of great tasting Cupcakes! However with that many Cupcakes, what was I going to serve them on that would be fun enough for a 4 year old’s birthday party?

I took a little trip around our apartment to take a look at all the different kinds of things that I have been collecting for future projects, and I came back with; a stack of old ice-cream boxes with lids, cardboard boxes, some old paint, a hanger and some fabric. And my idea; Let’s Build a Cupcake Castle to fit to the Theme of the invitations Invitations made for a young Knight.

I started by making a type of column that would stand in between the first and second tier of the Castle, by use of lids from old ice-cream boxes. I don’t have a hot glue gun, which was very unpractical during this projects, but with the used of some screws, I attached the lids to a circular plastic container.

I used the big cardboard box to make two different sized circular tiers and a blue plastic hanger which will serve as a flagpole.

This picture turned out very blurry, but you can see that I have mounted my tiers together and that the flagpole had gotten it’s place on the top. I used more of the cardboard box to make walls around the edges to make it look more like a castle and painted them grey.

And with a lot of fantasy, a staple gun, double sided tape, green felt fabric, red sandpaper (for the roofs), red and white checkered fabric for the flag and some printed out decorations I made in Word, I now got a Cupcake Castle!:)

For the flag I used the same fabric and the same picture of the little knight as what I used in the invitations; Invitations made for a young Knight

Space for so many Cupcakes!

And to show how big the Castle turned out, you can here see it next to the happy little birthday boy!

And with so many Cupcakes, I made sure to make a sampler box for the cute old couple that lives across the street! I got so many great Tomatoes from them last week, so the least I could do was to share some of my Cupcakes with them as a thank you.

People keep asking me why I keep holding on to old things or things like ice-cream boxes and cardboard boxes that most people see as trash. Mostly they all wonder what want to do with it all! But it’s like in one of my most favorite old Norwegian fairy tales, “Taming the Shrew” also known as “The Princess No-one Could Silence” or in Norwegian “Prinsessen som ingen kunne målbinde” by  Asbjørnsen and Moe. This story is about 3 brothers on their way to win the princess and half of the kingdom. On their way to the princess the youngest of the 3, Askeladden, keeps picking up random things that he finds a long the way, the brothers keeps asking him what he wants to do with the thing finds and then goes on to telling him to throw it all away, but every time Askeladden answers: “I have things to do, and this will do”.  And this is such a perfect my answer to everyones question about why I want to keep “old stuff”!  You just never know what kind of old stuff you might need for some special project in the future!:)

I just love this story and if you haven’t ready this one or any of the many other stories about Askeladden, I recommend them to all of you!

– Christine

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5 Responses to A Castle made for a young Knights Cupcakes

  1. Chris Thornton says:

    Who ever heard of a little kid complaining that something was too sweet! haha These cupcakes look delicious and what a cute castle cupcake server, especially that you made it with stuff you had not thrown out. Happy birthday Leon! Lucky you to have such a fun neighbor.

  2. Barbara says:

    Wow! What a great idea with the castle! I like it a lot!

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