A room through Time Part 1

One of the greatest reasons why I love Interior Design is because it has such a great affect on peoples lives. It doesn’t take more then changing the color of a wall and a room will have a whole new feel to it. Finding the right color might take some time and research, but when you find the right one, you will know it’s the right on in the way it makes you feel.

Through the years and through time we will also see our interiors with new eyes, what used to be our favorite color might have changed or a piece of furniture might just be worn out and ready to be replaced. In the end we are all making history as we are designing and redecorating our homes. Taking a look back in time, we will see how time and style periods changed everything and how we kept changing with it.

I did some digging in my old stack of photos and I found pictures from my parents old house and our up stairs living room. And I think it will give a pretty great example of how a room can change through time.


This picture is from 1996 , just after my parents bought our wonderful home in Norway. The colors of the time were deep burgundys, dark greens and dark blues, and all natural wood walls, ceilings and furniture was welcomed in every room. The self made Patchwork table cloth is also a typical part of this time period.


In 2003 my parents decided that it was about time to bring some light into the upstairs living room, and together they took on the big challenge of painting both the ceiling and the walls white. For anyone who was ever painted untreated wood before knows how much work this takes, but the end result is absolutely worth it and the room ends up looking so much bigger and brighter. And since there was two young girls mostly using this living room, they painted the end wall hot pink for us! Thumbs up for mom and dad!!:)


And in 2009 I got to give the room my vision. Since all of kids at this time were away for school or had moved out, I wanted to give the room a more calm feeling and at the same time give it some much needed structure.

I decided to keep the sofa and the wonderful wooden chest that has been in my mom’s family for years, but at the same time remove everything that was black and also all the over sized furniture that was making the room look much smaller than what it really is. Next to the furniture I chose a soft color pallet with a few pop’s of color to bring the pieces together without making them look boring or lifeless.

A pop of color doesn’t always have to be a whole wall or a huge picture, one singe pillow or another great element can do amazing things to a room.

Art work is also something I would recommend everyone to include in their homes. The great thing about an original piece of art is that you will most of the time be the only one having exactly that piece, which will also make your interior very unique. My dad has been collecting art form various artist for as long as I can remember, so when I designed this room, I was as lucky as to be able to pick and choose from his collection. And I find this painting as made for this wall! Using a painting or any other piece of art as the inspiration for your interior is always a great way to create a wonderful and cohesive interior.

As new storage for this space we bough IKEA kitchen wall cabinets. The cabinets are about 40cm deep and 90 cm hight, and when you place the cabinets next to each other you become a wonderful and spacious sideboard in any size that you need. Another great thing about using kitchen cabinets is that you can choose all kinds of different fronts, and that way you can design your very own sideboard.

We added the IKEA cabinets on both sides of the room, which is a great solution for rooms that has ceilings that comes down into the room, like what we have here, this way you have less dead and unused space.

On top of the sideboard I wanted to make space for great things that I have accumulated over the years, like great memories, presents from friends and heirlooms. On the wall I added special pictures of my family to give the room a feeling of home and love.

Taking a look at old pictures is always fun, it brings back memories as well as a feeling of a time period that has past, but don’t be surprised when you once in while also find new ideas in your old ideas! Like everything else, some design elements will always keep coming back.


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6 Responses to A room through Time Part 1

  1. Chris Thornton says:

    It’s really interesting to see the difference in the room done three different ways. I like the last way – with the blue and white – the best. It looks larger and more inviting. Thanks for sharing your interior decorating skills with us.

    • misscrk says:

      I think most people would agree with you on that the last version of this room looks the best, it’s brighter and more welcoming, but the funny thing is that that we all though it looked just as great when we decorated it the times before!:) I’m sure we will look at that blue wall one day too and think it’s totally boring and out of style too, but that’s what makes history so much fun! And now thanks to our digital cameras, we can also save a lot more memories to be shared in the future!

  2. Gro Kristoffersen says:

    Wow! so many good memories are comming up, while reading this blog! Thank you! And thanks to you, this room became always so welcoming.

    • misscrk says:

      I have had so much fun making this post and it’s amazing how much everything changed over the years that we lived in that house! I still miss it from time to time, we just had a great time there!

  3. Love love love the blue wall together with the white ceiling, the brownish color of the couch and the most important detail: the orange cussion. Jätte mysigt! And a little bit of Hamptons flair, is it? Have a great Sunday!

    • misscrk says:

      I love this living room too and I was so happy with it, but I didn’t get to enjoy it very long, because my parents sold their house just a few months after I finished it!:) I do agree that it has a little bit of Hampton flair, just love this color combination, something that comes kind of natural when you live in city that boarders to the ocean!

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