From Trash to Treasure

It’s already about a year ago that I saw my garden bench for the first time and it was one of those moments when I just knew that it would be the perfect bench for me!  I guess that’s what they call; Love at first sight!

My perfect garden bench has become a bellowed part of our garden as well as wonderful inspiration for me to keep everything else growing and looking colorful and fun here.

Picture: the bench after the first coat of red primer.

But this bench wasn’t always red/pink and it wasn’t always a bench! The first time I saw this bench was on a Friday afternoon walk here in our little city in Germany at that time of the year when people start cleaning up their gardens and garages, and then throw all kinds of things away. The bench was standing on the street next to all kinds of other old furniture and was just waiting to be picked up by the trash collectors. At first I just walking by and looking at it, then I walked home and told my darling boyfriend about it and he did not want a “trash bench”, but after a lot of persuasion he did come with me to take a look at it. I tried so hard to convince my darling boyfriend that this was the perfect bench and best of all it wouldn’t cost us any money at all, but he did not see my point! I had been looking for benches the whole summer and just knew that this was my bench, so I kept nagging him about he bench the whole Saturday, until he agreed to go back with me and ask the owners if we could have it!!! I was SO exited!!!

The very next day we walked over to the house were the bench was standing and rang the doorbell and few moments later a lady opened the door, and we asked nicely if we could have the bench that they had standing on the street. I was honestly expecting them to just say “yes, of course!”, but it turned out that this was a bench the wife wanted to get rid of, but the maker of the bench, the husband, no so much so. So she got her husband to come outside and he did not at all seem convinced that the bench was going to go anywhere, which was easy to understand once he told us the story behind the bench. This bench was handmade by this man and his neighbor out of old kitchen cabinetry doors, so that they would have their very own specially constructed bench in the garage to sit on while they listened to music from their super sound system together. So it wasn’t just a bench, it was something they had made together and something that meant a lot to them, so of course it was hard to let it go. But after we told them that the bench would stay here in the city and that we lived just around the corner, he actually agreed to let us have it!!! They were so sweet and I’m so thankful!! I love the kitchen cabinetry bench.

Picture: Bench after first coat of oil-based paint.

The bench go to go home with us and it fit perfectly where I wanted to have it, but it was all natural wood and needed to get some type of protection so that it could survive standing outside. I decided to paint in red/pink, which was supposed to be exactly the same red/pink color that the house we live in has as accent walls and which was used to paint the house number. I went to the same exact store as where they had bought their paint and I even had the name of the color, but the paint I got, was much pinker. However I have come to love the fact that my bench has very a happy and fun color.

And this year I decided to make it even more fun, so I got these colorful pillow as IKEA and this great table that makes the bench a wonderful place for two have breakfast, lunch or dinner!

A little bit of table decorations does also make the package complete! And I do love to use the things I have, so here I got some lanterns that I normally have in our living room, cucumbers from the neighbors garden and a flower that normally stands in front of my living room window! Together they make for a cute little set up!

I also believer that great and colorful flowers makes such a different! This picture was taken in early May just after I had planted my summer flowers and if you take a look next to the bench, there’s a little yellow flower and a very small pink flower.

And this is the little yellow flower today! Not so small anymore! This is a “Lantana Flower” which comes from a family of flower called “Lantana Camara” (“Wandelröschen” in German), or at least that is what I was able to find out after having done some research online. I had the same type of flower last year and both years it’s just been one of those plants you can’t go wrong with. All I do is to water it and it keep growing steady through the whole summer no matter how hot or cold it is.

This is also a Lantana flower, but the one I had last year (you can see that I didn’t have the bench yet in this picture)! Just love how it comes with flowers in so many different colors.

And this is the little pink flower from before! Is was a simple little “Petunia” that cost me -, 79 Euro Cent and I though it was going to be this sweet little thing! But this plant just keeps growing out of every flower pot I have!

Picture: I got this very pretty garden set with flowers on it from a friend of mine this summer and it just looks so pretty, I almost didn’t want to use it! But they don’t only look great, they work well too! Makes gardening even more fun! 

People have asked me what I do to get my flowers to get so big and I have to say that I don’t have any great answers, except that I water them and look after them every day. Once a week I also use a very normal and inexpensive flower fertilizer in the water and I pluck away any dead flowers that I see, so that there will be more space for the new once!

A colorful garden just makes for such a happy place and since the fall comes so fast and is always so grey, I think we should all add as much color as we can to the summer!


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5 Responses to From Trash to Treasure

  1. That is just beautiful! 🙂

  2. I love the color and the shape of this bench! Plus furniture with history is the best! 🙂

  3. Gro Kristoffersen says:

    I love the way you use colors. Colors are important!

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