Our Growing Garden

A great thing about our apartment is that just outside the front door we have a good sized garden where we are allowed to do what ever we want, and I just love spending time out there. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I have green thumbs, but I’m having so much fun nursing a wonderful and colorful garden to life.

In early spring our new neighbors (the family living above us) asked if we wanted to plant a vegetable garden with them and I was really exited. However I didn’t know anything about planting a vegetable garden and neither did they, but we decided to just give it a try and see what would happen! I don’t think any of us expected to have the results that are now growing next to our house, and especially not that we would now have so many cucumbers and tomatoes growing that we won’t be able to eat all of them ourselves!:)

This is what it all looked like when we first planted our little plants in the beginning of May. We decided to buy ready grown tomato plants, strawberries, red peppers (paprika) and cucumbers, and then we got 20 little chili  plants from our neighbor across the street.

Additionally we bought salad and cucumber seeds, which we planted in cold ice-cream boxes, and these were the first sprouts that came out in the end of May. As the sprouts were about 5-6 cm high, I planted them out in vegetable garden.

And these little fine green straws are hopefully going to chives (gressløk / Schnittlauch). I seem to be the only one what has any belief in them, but I’m not willing to let them go just yet!

This is what the vegetable garden looks like today! It’s like it just won’t stop growing! I think it’s growing so well partly thanks to the great soil that we have here, it’s kind of heavy clay soil, so it doesn’t really ever dry out. But we do also owe a big thanks to my darling boyfriend, who’s been very very good at water every evening, and then of course we have to be very thankful for our great climate. We have had such wonderful and warm weather, but at the same time we get enough rainy days to keep everything green.

In the picture you see from the front to the back; salad, cucumbers, chills, strawberries, tomatoes and along the side on the right side, you can see the little start of what will be carrots.

This big monster of a plant mix is our tomatoes. When we bought them they were so small and we had no idea how big they would get, so we planted them way too close to each other. But it seems like the 6 tomatoes plants that are standing here doesn’t seem to mind standing so close to each other, because they are all full of tomatoes.

These are the normal tomatoes, which are still waiting for a few more sunny days before they will start to get red.

Cherry tomatoes and it looks like they will be the first once we will get to try!

But we don’t only have tomatoes, we have a great little forest of cucumber too! They were called mini cucumbers, but I have to say that there’s nothing mini about them!

All these little yellow flowers will end up bing cucumbers! So we have a lot of cucumbers coming out way! And these are all from the seeds that we planted our selves.

The strawberry plants has also been surprising us, because they don’t only grow strawberries, they also grow with these long new arms, which again plants new little strawberry plants! So the original 5 strawberry plants are now joined by a many many little new plants.

The strawberries are growing pretty fast, but not fast enough for any of the grow-up’s around here to try one! The 4 year old son of our neighbors has been faster than any of us to pick and find the ripe ones, but he does say that they taste very sweet!:)

To grow salad also turned out to be really easy! From those little sprouts we got in the ice-boxes, we now have a over load of ready to eat salad. And the great thing is that the salad seems to start growing all over again once you cut the first part off. So we will have salad for us and the rest of the street for the rest of the summer!

I wanted to show the chili’s too, because they are so pretty! We have been told you can eat them now while they are green too, but they will be red when they are ripe. But they are supposed to be really hot chili’s, so I’m not sure which one of us will be the one to test how they taste!:)

Here’s one chili that’s starting to get red!

And here are the chives too! I ended up planting it over in it’s own little pot and it seems to be very happy in there!

These two 1000 liter tanks of rain water have been great help to keep our garden growing. All the rain the ends up on the roof of the house we live in and of the neighbors, is led by gutters down and into these big tanks. An not only does this lower our cost of water in the summer, but of course it’s also a great thing that we can all do for the environment!

And now the sun finally came out again here, so I will end this blog with a pretty picture of cucumbers I just got from some very nice neighbors that live across the street!

Hope you guys got inspired to make our own little vegetable gardens!

– Christine

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4 Responses to Our Growing Garden

  1. Chris Thornton says:

    Christine! your garden is fantastic. I gave up on vegetables years ago because I had such poor results – pests, mildew, etc. And the weather here in Santa Monica, you remember, is not very sunny, even in summer. Still I would have expected you wouldn’t have great weather for vegetables where you are either. I’d say you have a green thumb – maybe even two!

    Loving your blog….Klem
    cousin Chris

    • misscrk says:

      Hello Chris!!
      This is why I love my blog, now I get to share things with you all the time! And the weather here is really meant for things to grow I think, which is most likely also why they grow wine grapes here! Our little city is also located in some kind of special channel (I met this old man on one of my walks in the Wine Hills and he told me all kinds of facts about our city. That’s how one get’s to know all the secrets!:) ), which makes it so that the really bad weather mostly goes around us, but at the same time we get enough rain to keep the grass green! But then again, if you have experienced
      a few summers in Norway, you will find anything a little more south in Europe to be a wonderful place in the summer time!

      Thank you for reading my blog!
      Hugs, Christine

  2. Dallas Bluth says:

    Beautiful garden Christine and fantastic photos!

    • misscrk says:

      Thank you!!!:) I can’t say that I know a lot about taking pictures, but with things that looks as great as in the sun vegetables, I don’t think anyone can go wrong!:)

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