A place for Sweet Dreams

A little over a year ago I moved in to my darling boyfriends apartment here in a tiny city in the middle of the Wine Hills in Germany. Moving was very exciting and full of changes of the both of us, however when the interior designer meets “I like it the way it is”, we did of course have to agree on a few changes!:)

One of these changes was that I was not going to agree on having our bed in the middle of the living room. Our apartment is not huge, but also not tiny, so to make the most of the space that we have we turned what had previously been an office into a bedroom for the two of us. The room is pretty narrow and rectangular, and it has a door leading to the rest of the apartment and one leading into the walk-in closet/my sewing room, so trying to find a bed that would fit in there wasn’t really happening. I wanted a high continental bed and my darling boyfriend wanted a bed that was at least 200cm x 220cm, and there just didn’t seem to be any solutions that would allow for both of our wishes to come true. Until, one day when my darling boyfriend the creative engineer said: We can build a high, long and wide bed with the use of shipping palettes (Euro Paletter)! Crazy I know, but we did!:)

It was a warm summer day in June as 31 shipping palettes arrived in front of our apartment! The neighbors thought we were crazy as we were carrying them all into our apartment, all excited about getting to start our little bed making project!

Just to show what the room looked like before! (and for those of you who are noticing that the tree in this room is way too tall, you are so right! However, this tree is like my darling boyfriends baby and I’m not allowed to cut or change it in any way, so we are letting it grow as the tree sees fit!)

And this is what it look liked after we had carried all the 31 shipping palettes into our new bedroom! Each shipping palette is 120cm long, 80cm wide and 14,5cm high, which makes this bed 320cm long, 240cm wide and 58cm hight, and that will be more than enough space for our 200cm x 220cm mattresses. But this was just the start of the project!

We placed the mattresses and the slated frames on top of the shipping palettes to se how big of a while we would need for them (not sure if “slated frames” are the right name for it, I only really know them as “Lattenrost” in German. But to explain what they are; they are a wooden flexible constructions to place under your mattresses, which helps the mattresses in giving you that perfect sleeping position).

We used a jigsaw to cut through the first layer of shipping palettes to make room for the mattresses and the slated frames, and then we cut through the two upper layers of shipping palettes at the end of the bed to make a step. Since the bed is 58cm high, we figured it would look really nice and be very practical if we made steps with a hight of 29cm to get in and out of the bed.

A test to see if the mattresses would fit and they did! We just wanted to make sure we didn’t run along with the project without testing along the way if we could actually fit the mattresses in the space we had made for them.

 The next step was to cover up all the surfaces with MDF boards. We got the boards cut into the right sizes at our local hard wear store and used screws to attached them to the shipping palettes.

A second test to see if the mattresses would still fit! And they still did!

So far had our bed project had been pretty much just like a puzzle, but then came the time for the real labour of love. First we used a wide masking tape to tape around the bed, so that we wouldn’t get any primer or paint on the walls or the tiles. Then we had to fill every screw hole and other imperfections with filler, let it dry, sand it down with sandpaper and then do it all one more time to cover up what still didn’t leave a smooth surface. After that we painted the bed with two layers of primer, each layer of primer needed about 12 hours to dry, so all in all I believe this took us about 3 days to finish all of this.

Then it was time to paint! And yes that is me, hard at work with my pink plastic gloves and I’m painting the bed white! If you are wondering what kind white color I chose, I actually used the white just as it came in one of those 10 liters of uncolored paint.  And I did so, because I knew the walls had been painted with the same kind of paint and I didn’t want the bed to end up in a white color that would look dirty next to the walls. So it’s simply just white.

And here it is the finished product!  Our wonderful self made shipping palette bed! I wasn’t sure what it would all end up looking like when we first started this project, but now that it’s all done, I’m so glad we decided to do this! The bed is just wonderful and perfect for the space that we have! And I wanted to keep the room bright and simple, because of it’s size, so the only color I have added is the two black lamps, and then I can make small changes depending on the color of the bedsheets. (the lamps; “Nyfors” from IKEA and cost 59,- Euros).

This picture is taken from hallway leading to our bedroom, and here you can see what the bed is taking up most of the space, but still leaves a nice open feeling in the room. And of course my darling boyfriends tree got to move back in! Now I just need to get the tree a new flowerpot and it will all be perfect!

Who knew that 31 shipping pallets, two mattresses, primer, paint and a few days of work could turn a small office into a wonderful and romantic bedroom! We love it in here!

There’s no such thing as “that will never work”, you just have to keep looking for great creative ideas to make it happen!


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5 Responses to A place for Sweet Dreams

  1. That is STUNNING!!! What an inspiration! You two are a good team! 🙂

    • misscrk says:

      Thank you so much!! And thank you for reading my blog! I still have a lot to learn and I’m still trying to figure out how everything works (some times I feel like things are just appearing by them selves), but I promise to keep bloging about all kinds of great projects!:)

  2. Dallas Bluth says:

    I know I saw this in your emails back when you made the bed, but it’s great to see it come to life here again. Beautiful job Christine!

  3. Chris Thornton says:


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