The perfect Little Gift

As I’m celebrating last year of being something twenty, I find myself surrounded by family and friends who already have children, are expecting children or are planning and hopping for children in the near future, a truly wonderful time in all of our lives. The little additions bring so much joy and adventure, and they come with milestones and moments we will never forget. However every bundle of joy comes with these big and important moments like a baby shower, a birth and a baptism, which are all events that leaves me with one great big question: What will that perfect Little Gift be?

And in the search for that perfect little gift I have several times stumbled over different ideas for a little bag or purse where you can fit a couple of diapers, wet wipes and a few other necessities for a quick diaper change, and that in a size that will fit perfectly in a larger normal handbag. However I never found exactly what I wanted or in the color or shape that I liked, so I decided to make my very own diaper purse! This way I will be able to give away something that’s made just for that person, so a real personal gift for a special someone. And for those of you who are now thinking, well, I don’t know anyone who would need something like this or anyone with kids, well, I have made them in several sizes, and it can also be the perfect bag for an iPad or a Kindle!

A diaper bag with the room for two diapers (size 7 – 18 kg) and a travel size package of wet wipes, and there is still be space in there for other necessities.

Or a cute purse for your iPad!

The bag is not very hard to make, so I have decided to share with you how to make your very own:

First step: Choose your fabric. I like to choose two different ones; one for inside and one for outside. That way you get to use more colors or different types of fabric depending on how soft you want the inside or outside to be, and it will also give a more surprising effect when someone opens the purse bag for the first time when the inside has a different color.

Then I cut out two equally large pieces of fabric; one for the inside and one for the outside of the bag. Make sure that the pieces are straight, if not you will end up seeing that very well later and that’s never fun! This is the time when you need to know how big you want your purse to be. I made mine; for the diaper bag and for the iPad : 62 cm long  and  30 cm wide (including 1cm allowances on each side), but the length depends on how large you want the lid to be.

For padding I’m using an inexpensive fleece blanket from IKEA (“Irma” light blue blanket from IKEA, 170cm x 130cm, cost about 2 Euros). And I make sure to cut out a piece that’s exactly as large as the fabric pieces.

Now I have all the pieces I need, so I make sure to iron them perfectly. That will make keeping everything straight while sewing much easier.

Then I used normal copy paper to make a stencil, which I will use to give my lid a nice shape. Here you can be as creative as you want, only remember to keep in mind, that you will need your sewing maschine to be able sew along the lines that you are drawing.

I trace after my stencil onto the fabric, and make sure to do so on the side of the fabric that will be facing up while sewing.

You should now have the inside and the outside fabrics facing each other (the decorative or “nice” side of the fabrics are laying so that they are facing each other) and the padding fabric on the bottom. Then sew along the sides of the fabric and of course along the lines for the lid. NB!! Make sure to not sew it completely around, you will need to keep about a 5 cm opening, so that you can turn it.

After turing it, I make sure to iron it down very well and to take a look to see if everything is straight. After that I take a small needle and hand sew the little opening we made shut. In this picture you can see that I kind of got a little ahead of myself, so I had started decorating the lid. This you can do before your sew your fabric pieces together or after, it all depends on what you would like to decorate with.

Here I have folded my bag into the size I want the pocket to be (I used 21 cm for the diaper bag and for the iPad purse), and I’m sewing the sides together using what many people call “blanket stitches”. For this I’m using embroidery thread, but you can use any kind of thinker thread as long as it’s strong enough to keep the sides of the purse together. If you are not sure how to do these stitches, then just google “blanket stitches” and you will find a good amount of tutorials in both picture and video form. I like to do these stitches on every edge of the fabric, just because I think it looks pretty and decorative. But you could choose also do it only on the sides, which might be a great idea if you have a lot of decoration planed for the lid.

Here I have attached velcro on the back side of the lid and to the front of the pocket, so that the bag will close. You could also use a button or a pushbutton.

And here’s the finished product! I used ribbons, felt and little decorative pearls to decorate the lit, which I sewed on by hand.

And to make it a little extra fun and personal, I also attached a little self-made tag! This one is in Norwegian and says: From: Aunt Christine’s Sewing Room.

This is a few examples of other once that I have made:

“The Giraffe”

The body is made of small pieces of yellow fabric, and the tail, ears and other details with regular sewing thread. And at the bottom I have added a cute “hugs and kisses” ribbon.

“The Green Ladybug”

The body is made of green and white felt, and the legs and the feelers are made with black sewing thread. And at the bottom I have added a cute “hugs and kisses” ribbon. 

“Pretty Daisies”

The bow I made from different little fabric pieces and I used a yellow ribbon to keep it together in the middle. The flowers are made of red felt, and at the bottom I once again have the “hugs and kisses” ribbon plus a thin pink silk ribbon. 

I hope you enjoyed this little “how to make your own” tutorial and that you will have lots of fun trying it on your own!

As always; if you have any questions or need ideas, just let me know! I would love to help you out with your own creative project!

– Christine

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6 Responses to The perfect Little Gift

  1. LOVE!!! Thanks for the great ideas! 🙂

  2. Einar Kristoffersen says:

    Dette var utrolig flott Christine! Nå ble jeg glad! Dette må da virkelig være noe å satse på i forhold til både “present-salg” og annet! Supert! Stå på å få oppmerksomhet! Stor klem fra pappa!

  3. Mahu says:

    love it! so cute! 🙂

  4. finfint. says:

    What a great idea! I just love these cute bags! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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