I always had a passion for anything creative, which came from a childhood where my mother knitted, sewed, dried flowers and had my sisters and I be a part of all kinds of homemade seasonal projects. So a big thanks goes out to the worlds best mom for showing me the way towards one of things I love most in life!

Like so many other interior designers, the love of interior design came to my life through many years of rearranging my bedroom. I can still remember the first time my parents redecorated my bedroom; light yellow walls, blue curtains with pink flowers, light blue wall to wall carpet, all white furniture, little home made decorations made by my mom and a princess bed! And it was an experiences like that, that made me understand how little or big changes could make such a great difference to a space. I can’t imagine any better feeling than walking into a room where I have made some cute little changes, it just brightens up my day!

But my hobbies go far beyond interior design; I find anything you can make yourself simply the best way to go, not only because way you will always have a unique result, but also because it’s just so much more fun! And that’s what I want to share with you in this blog! I was always trying to find great ways of sharing all the things I make, design or discover with my family and friends, especially after I once again moved far away from everyone. I never though about making a blog, but thanks to some very good friends and family that kept saying I should try making one, here I am! So I hope every reader enjoys my little creative world!

More to come soon!

– Christine

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